It is time for a change in Lyne.  There is so much that is great about our community and we need new energy to represent us.  That's why I am campaigning to be your representative for the seat of Lyne as an Independent at the Federal election.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.  This will be the most open, transparent, people-powered campaign you’ve ever seen.  We’re building a network throughout the region.  A network of supporters, volunteers, people like you who can give me advice and help me get the word out.  I’ll talk directly to you, with no filter, through social media, face-to-face, every way that I can.  And I’ll need you to talk directly to me, I need to hear what you’re thinking.  I don’t answer to a head office or anyone else. I answer to you.

It’s time for a change.  Our community has incredible things going for it but it is not backed up by strong representation from our leaders.  Our region is being left behind, we’re missing opportunities and we can’t afford another three years of being ignored.

I don’t have the backing of a major party, I don’t have big donors, I just have you.  And I need your help.  Spread the word on social media.  Follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tell me what you’re thinking – I’ll read every comment and reply to as many as I can.  Donate if you can, it will help us reach more people, even a $5 donation helps.  Talk to your friends.  Tell them there’s a new movement, a people’s movement, you’re part of it and we’re working together to win this election.


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