Time for a Change in Lyne

With the election now called for May 18, the people of Lyne can start thinking about what our community needs for the next three years.  More and more people are deciding it is time for a change.

Independent candidate for Lyne, Jeremy Miller says that people are feeling left behind and are looking for new energy to represent our community.

“Every day I’m hearing from people who have voted Nationals all their lives but now they feel the party doesn’t represent them anymore and they’re looking for a safe alternative.” Jeremy said.

“I’ve been holding kitchen table meetings throughout the electorate and people are contacting me through email, Facebook and Twitter.  The overwhelming message is that it is time for a change.”

One email that arrived yesterday sums up the general mood, “Have voted Liberal/Nationals all of my life, and now (in retirement) I continue to support most Coalition policies. There is one BIG exception however, climate change! You can count on one more Harrington vote.”

Jeremy says that he is looking forward to the challenge between now and the election.

“I’m listening to people and we’re coming up with policies and solutions together, as a community.  Anyone who wants to join the conversation is very welcome to contact me on Facebook or through the website.  Or come and say hello at the many community meetings we’re holding.  We have a huge hill to climb this election but I’m putting everything into it.  If we work together and make some noise, make ourselves heard, we can make a lasting difference for our region.”


While you're here ...

Every campaign needs three things - votes, volunteers and donations.  Votes on election day because that's the whole point - we want to bring change to the community of Lyne.  Volunteers to help spread the word and make the change.  Donations to buy all the things a campaign needs - posters, t-shirts for volunteers, radio advertising, how to vote cards.

Can you help?

Sign up to volunteer here  There are lots of different ways you can help

If you an afford it, please make a donation here.  Every little bit helps.

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