Independents Day on ABC-TV's 730 Program

Independent candidate for Lyne, Jeremy Miller appears in a video featured on ABC-TV’s 7:30 program last night calling this election ‘Independents Day’.

Jeremy has joined with other independent candidates including Rob Oakeshott to emphasise the role that independents are likely to play in the next government.

The candidates made a number of key commitments including fighting for responsible climate policy, bringing greater focus to regional Australia, political donation reform and transparency in Government.

“Because we are independents, we are not beholden to any political party.  I represent my community, not party funders, lobbyists or corporate interests.  I will agree with the Government when they get it right, oppose them when they get it wrong, improve their legislation and hold them to account,” Jeremy said.

“Political parties are no longer our best answer, independents are the new force in Australian politics.  We’ll cooperate and share resources where we can, but we also have the autonomy and the freedom to disagree with each other. I believe in collaboration and working together where necessary in the interests of Australia. Most important of all, I will be the voice of my electorate.”

7:30 Report Political Correspondent Laura Tingle noted that “we saw the independents be the real prime movers last year in getting changes to the medical evacuations legislation from Manus and Nauru, so they’re really making the case that they are a force for good in their local electorates and should be supported for that reason.”

The video was funded through crowdfunding site to highlight the new power of independents to make change in the 2019 Federal election.

View the full video here:

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