This is a different campaign.  As an Independent candidate, there is no head office or backroom players telling me what I should think or how I should vote.  The only voice I listen to is yours.

Through this campaign, I will be meeting with as many people as I can in every part of the Lyne electorate.  We've already begun with kitchen table meetings in small towns, listening to the policies and ideas that are important to your life.  More events will be listed on this website and on Facebook as the campaign heats up.  Please come to these meetings if you can, I need to hear what you think.  You can also join the conversation through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @jeremyforlyne

Keep visiting this page.  My policies will grow and develop as I keep meeting with the community and hearing your needs.


My Four Key Tests before supporting any legislation
  1. Do we know the facts of this issue? Do we have a broad range of expert and community opinions and has it been properly thought through?  I’m not going to legislate on slogans or “captain’s calls”.
  2. Is this an issue that is best solved by government? Or is it more efficiently and effectively solved by the community?  If so, how can we help them to do that?
  3. What are the benefits for our local community? How does it specifically impact locally? Does this fit with the broader local strategy that the community has created? What are the opportunities and how does it support our community to reach its potential?
  4. What are the benefits for Australia? Is this truly in the national interest and does it help us to be the country that we want to be, an example to the world?



Progress has been made on the roads backlog but we're not there yet, nowhere near it.  $20million funding announcements sound great at election time but that only fixes about 18km of road - what about all the rest?  We need to fix the funding model.  An overhaul of the Federal Assistance Grants to local Councils, ensuring that the money goes where we need it, is the only long-term way to fix our roads and bridges.  

Fixing our roads will save lives and we need to advocate to make sure our roads are a top priority.

Climate Change


Climate change is a real thing.  Why is that still hard for some people to say?  The way we power our homes, our businesses and our cars is changing.  If we stick our head in the sand we're heading for a disaster, we can't keep stubbornly clinging to old ways.  The lack of sensible policy from the major parties means we're missing the chance to create the technology that will boost our economy, reduce our power bills and help our environment.

I oppose the Adani mine.  Using our Kyoto credits towards our Paris targets sounds like cheating on our homework, let's be honest about our agreements. We need to move past the arguments from left and right and follow the lead of other countries who make Climate Change a bipartisan issue and just get on with sensible solutions



The Uluru Statement asks for a "coming together", for a "fair and truthful relationship" and for a "better future for our children".  Other countries (like Canada and New Zealand) have found ways to work respectfully with their original inhabitants.  It is time for us to do the same.

Regional Development


The Government's Committee on Regional Development came out with the Regions at the Ready report last year.  The report had 13 sensible recommendations that will help regional cities, towns and villages like ours.  We need to support regional jobs, roads, education and infrastructure by immediately adopting all 13 recommendations.



I am not giving any preferences to anybody.  It is your vote, so you get to decide where your preferences should go.  I am asking you to put a 1 beside my name so we can bring real change to our community.  How you number the rest of the boxes is entirely up to you.  Remember though - you do have to number every box from 1 to 9 on the green voting slip for the House of Reps.  Make sure your vote counts!